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I'm Robyn and got my start in photography about 8 years ago. I started taking photography classes for a PhD I was working on at the time and just became hooked. 

I started photographing shelter dogs at City Dogs Cleveland as part of my volunteer gig and what started as a volunteer hobby turned into my primary photography business. I still photograph people (senior sessions, family reunions, family portraits, headshots, etc.), but if you ever visit my studio, you'll see it's basically set up as a wonderland for dogs. I still photograph on a volunteer basis for City Dogs regularly and am a Hearts Speak artist. I'm forever learning what I can about my craft and like to say I am always a work in progress (both professionally and personally). 

I look forward to meeting you soon if I haven't already! For the moment, please enjoy this absolutely favorite photo of me and my heart dog Lance. He passed about two weeks after we did our session and I cherish this memory each time I come across it.

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animal Lover, photographer, Teacher...Definitely not a fashionista

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Robyn White Photography, LLC is a pet and family photographer serving the Cleveland, Ohio area since 2016