Cleveland Pet Photographer Robyn White: Behind the Lens

  1. Monica Adalsteinsson says:

    I loved reading your story! I adore that you support Fear Free handling and methods, it’s so important!!

    • Robyn White says:

      I so agree! I would love it if they did a training session for those of us in this type of industry. I’m glad I got to go through the training through my other job, though.

  2. So nice to get to know you a bit better. Cleveland is lucky to have such a caring devoted pet photographer as you. I love the photo in the matching sweatshirts, too cute!

    • Robyn White says:

      Thanks so much, Donna. We’re not going to talk about how many matching outfits my dog Blanche and I have!

  3. Ah, Cleveland! I’m not far from you in Pittsburgh and head to the Lyndhurst area here and there to get my skates sharpened. I can see a Cleveland pet photographer/Pittsburgh pet photographer meet-up sometime!

  4. Amanda says:

    Robyn I love these photos of you! They really show how comfortable dogs are with you and how much you love being with them too. What more could you ask for when searching for a Cleveland pet photographer? The photo of you and the dog in matching hoodies is so cute!

    • Robyn White says:

      Thank you so much, Amanda. Two of them were pups of mine who are now gone. I’m so thankful I have these images with them, which is why I always encourage clients to jump into a few photos.

  5. Michelle says:

    I love this Robyn, thank you for sharing more about you! What wonderful work you do for the Cleveland rescue community!

    • Robyn White says:

      Thans, Michelle. It’s definitely a passion and I can barely remember the time before I was involved in rescue.

  6. Tracy Cline says:

    This was great to learn more about you, Robyn! It was nice also being educated about Fear Free since I didn’t know about that. I can’t wait to hear more about your clown studies 🤣 We are excited for our Vday session and all the ones to come this year!

    • Robyn White says:

      I’m amazed there were things you still don’t know about me! And I’m happy to talk clowns, though don’t know that we’ll have enough time to do so this weekend.

  7. Chantal Levesque says:

    A dissertation about clowns! I need to know more.
    But wow to switch from a Phd in sociology to pet photography what a change!

    • Robyn White says:

      Sadly, it never made it out of the preliminary stages. And I still use my sociology degree — I teach it at a local community college. The pet photography arose as a means to explore my creative side.

  8. Val says:

    Robyn is a fantastic photographer and person. She’s taken pictures of my dog and I’ve taken a bunch of shelter dogs to the studio for their photos and it’s always a great experience.

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