End of Life Pet Photography: Capturing Lasting Love

  1. Your photographs are beautiful ! I wish I had similar images of my dog before she passed. They are with us for such a short period of time that we often think we have a lot more time to get pictures but I know now how much I would cherish these images !

    • Robyn White says:

      I completely agree! I lost two dogs over the last two years and managed to get images of them in my studio, but I really wish I had hired someone to do them. I just thinking getting that outsider’s view of the relationship we had would’ve been amazing.

  2. Michelle says:

    End of life pet photography is so hard, it takes amazing strength to do it and your images are beautiful, Robyn! It’s so important to celebrate their lives!

    • Robyn White says:

      I fully admit that I broke down after doing Sammie’s session. I can generally keep it together during the session, but I think my years of working in animal welfare has equipped me to dealing with the loss. I also love that it’s a little something I can do to help mend a broken heart.

  3. Karen says:

    I love that this family now has lasting images of their beloved pet. End of life pet photography is a beautiful way for a family to celebrate the special member of their family.

  4. Robyn, thank you for sharing that end-of-life pet photography doesn’t have to be sad. That is something I strive to convey to all my clients and the appreciation I have following them having these portraits really proves how precious this type of experience is.

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